Offer your employees the many health and wellness benefits of a weekly yoga and mindfulness practice.

A yoga program is an excellent way to contribute to employees’ overall health and well being. Yoga helps to improve focus, efficiency, and productivity in the workplace. Organizations benefit from reduced turnover and absenteeism, lower health care costs, and a competitive edge in the hiring process. Employees enjoy increased energy, positivity, and stress reduction.

Estee makes yoga accessible, fun, and functional. Classes are tailored to individual and group needs, ranging from slow and relaxing to more active and powerful.

Classes can take place in an open space or conference room, allowing approximately 3 x 7 feet of space for each participant. Please contact Estee for rates and availability:

Past and Present clients:


Motion Infusion

Apartment List

Evolution Bureau (EVB)

“My company brought Estee in to teach yoga weekly, and the effect she had on our group of yogis was incredible. Although the students in the class ranged in skill level from total newbie to yogi vet, Estee managed to simultaneously challenge us while ensuring that we stayed within the bounds of our capabilities. She bared with us as we demanded “more cardio!” and then “more child’s pose!”, ensuring that we achieved balance between high-intensive and relaxing poses. Estee showed patience, grace, and imagination, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone — corporation or individual — who’s interested in a private class.” – Kera Z, Operations Manager, Apartment List

“My practice with Estee is the highlight of my week. Just taking an hour, two days a week at work helps me focus and reset. Her instruction has been incredible in my practice and overall work-life balance. Knowing I have an allotted hour to focus on myself in the office environment has been crucial in my productivity.” – Sarah L, Producer, EVB