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Private Yoga with Estee

Traditionally, yoga was practiced with the teachings directly transmitted via teacher to student in a one on one setting. In modern times, private yoga lessons allow for a customized focus on the individual’s needs and goals, creating an environment of support and growth at the individual’s own pace, while facilitating deeper body awareness.

Private lessons focus on a variety of individual based needs and desires. Sessions with Estee typically include a foundational assessment, incorporating ayurvedic principles, safe and detailed alignment, breathing exercises (pranayama), and hands-on assists. These sessions are most often held in the client’s home or at a nearby yoga studio for an additional fee.

Past and present clients include beginners with the desire to learn proper form and a solid understanding of yoga, intermediate students wishing to fine tune and advance their practice beyond what is possible in a group setting, those seeking to heal injuries or alleviate chronic pain, and people wanting a more balanced lifestyle through stress reduction.

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Late in 2012, I suffered a foot injury that forced me to stop running for a couple of months. Friends and family had been encouraging me for years to take up a yoga practice and with the forced downtime from running, it seemed like the time had come at last.  With no real practical knowledge of yoga, I was nervous about showing up at a studio, unprepared and unable to follow.  Furthermore, trying DVDs at home felt risky since I really didn’t understand what I was doing.  My wife and I decided to hire a private instructor to help get me started, and Estee Fletter came highly recommended.

From the moment Estee first came into our house, we felt that Estee really embodied the spirit of a teacher; someone who is patient with both a new student (myself) and an experienced yoga practitioner (my wife).  I found yoga to be very challenging both physically and mentally, but with Estee’s guidance, I found myself making steady progress.  Estee’s spirit is naturally uplifting and she constantly reminded me that “if something is painful, then something is wrong.”
After a couple of months, I felt very comfortable going to a studio and practicing with a larger group.  However, we so enjoyed having Estee in our house that we continued with the private sessions.  It’s very enriching to have a private instructor guide you carefully (and with detailed knowledge of your own injuries and limitations) through poses and principles.

I would absolutely recommend Estee to anyone interested in starting a practice, or diving more deeply and personally into their existing practice… she’s wonderful! – G.W.

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