Tulum Group 2015

“The Summer Solstice Retreat with Estee in Tulum was the most relaxing vacation I have ever been on. The retreat schedule was perfect. Vinyasa in the morning and restorative in the evening, with lots of free time for swimming, excursions and exploring. The yoga was my favorite part of the trip, as I’ve never had a daily practice before. Each class was different, and focused on opening and strengthening many areas of the body. The evening practices were the most relaxing and rejuvenating restorative classes I have ever done. Estee attracts an amazingly diverse, engaging and welcoming group of yogis. The conversation was lively and I got along well with everyone. I didn’t know anyone besides Estee prior to the retreat, and now I am fortunate to say I have made many new friends. I can’t wait for the next retreat!” – M. T.

“AMAZING. I just got back from Estee’s Summer Solstice Retreat in Tulum and I can’t stop raving to everyone about what a fabulous experience it was. The retreat was the perfect balance of vinyasa and restorative yoga, beautiful accommodations and delicious food, fun excursions, plenty of free time, and an amazing community of yogis. There was something for everyone! Estee is a very special teacher and human being. Her compassionate and supportive presence set the tone for a truly memorable experience. Although I could have stayed on much longer, I came back to the real world feeling completely restored and rejuvenated. I’m already planning to attend her retreat next year!” – Y.K.

“Estee’s Summer Solstice Retreat was probably the most positive group experience I’ve ever had! It was very reflective of her teaching style – her yoga classes were challenging for all levels while being supportive for everyone, and incredibly thoughtful and focused – I think everyone learned something new that week… There were tons of extra-curricular (non-yoga) options and it was totally up to each person to decide how active/excursion-oriented or how relaxed they wanted to be… But perhaps the best thing about Estee’s retreat was that it attracted a really wonderful group of people who all came on the retreat because of their love of Estee as a teacher and as a person. And to top it all off, the location was beautiful and the food was amazing!” – K. H.

“If you are considering a retreat with Estee, I have one word of advice for you: Go. I attended Estee’s retreat in Maui in September 2014 and I had an amazing time. I loved that the week balanced an active, sweaty yoga practice in the morning with a restorative session in the evening. Every class was different and Estee mixed in a lot of poses that were new to me. She’s such a supportive yoga teacher that I did poses I never had the courage to try before. I still can’t believe I got up into a forearm stand! After a week of yoga, healthy eating, and relaxation, I felt strong, energized, and ready to book another retreat with Estee.” – A. G.

“When retreat time came, I was mostly excited about going on vacation to Mexico. I just wanted to lay on the beach and read my book, far away from my commute, my desk, my roommates, and San Francisco’s fog. I wasn’t thinking of community and I honestly wasn’t thinking that much about yoga- I hadn’t been practicing regularly before the trip. But within hours of arriving at the beautiful Maya Tulum resort I realized that this would be an experience beyond just a vacation. Estee is a special person, and the group she brought together became a supportive, fun community of friends. It was totally organic- no cheesy team building or circle time- but by the end of the week we’d had so many great conversations, experienced adventures together, laughed a lot, and shared some of the deepest, most connected yoga I’ve ever practiced. I’d never understood the “turn to someone you don’t know and say hello” ritual, but I get it now. Practicing in a community, in a beautiful place, in a different context, did wonders for my practice, my sense of how much I love and need other people, and my life. I came back to the city genuinely renewed and refreshed. It was the perfect vacation.”      – J.G.