“Estee’s class is warm, creative, and nourishing. She challenges and supports her students, so I leave her classes feeling both energized and relaxed. I would recommend her to both beginners and advanced practitioners, as she offers various modifications and is wonderful at teaching to every student in the room. One of Estee’s great strengths is her ability to create a truly nonjudgmental space in which to practice. Estee and her class are simply lovely!” -R.S.

“Estee is truly the real deal. Her classes combine the best of all worlds: the devotion and hard work learned from Bhakti flow combined with the wisdom of the subtle body learned in her studies of restorative yoga. I’m continually impressed by how much her classes have something for everyone and all levels. I always recommend her to new students because her care, attention to detail, and insightful alignment cues are perfect for beginners. At the same time, her classes continually challenge and push my boundaries as a practitioner, and have been instrumental in my own development. My favorite thing about Estee’s classes are their versatility: she always teaches to her audience and setting. I’ve met a lot of students who have many yoga teachers that satisfy different aspects of the practice to them, but I’ve found all of these in Estee.” -S.B.

“Estee creates an incredibly unique vibe in her yoga classes; they are simultaneously some of the most challenging and nourishing classes I’ve ever taken. Her energy is so balanced, you can’t help but feel like everything is right with the world when you’re in her class. I had taken a five year hiatus from yoga and had just moved to SF when I first took her class. I had tried a few other instructors before her and couldn’t help feeling a little discouraged by my inflexibility and just being that new person at a yoga studio. Estee’s classes helped all of that judgment to just melt away. She cultivates the feeling of a mellow flow with the vigorous workout of power yoga…and all set to awesome playlists! Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, you will love her.” -K.H.

“Estee is amazing. She walks the path and you can feel it in her class. It is gentle yet demanding. For me it is the perfect blend of ease and effort. She radiates compassion and love. Her classes are super well rounded with pranayama, chanting, and demanding vinyasa sequences. She gives great assists and uses props really well. I feel supported and like that she provides the right energetics to support a healthy, sustainable practice. And the passion. It’s in her eyes.” -G.S.

“The first thing you notice about Estee is the amazing energy she brings to a room. I practiced yoga with Estee for almost two years when she was teaching at Zynga. I would never miss a yoga class just because yoga with Estee is not just yoga but a spiritual claiming experience. She is not only an amazing yoga teacher but also a wonderful person who is very patient and nonjudgmental. She allows you to be yourself and helps you with techniques that make you love yoga even more. She’s a great listener and her goals and intentions are completely aligned with what her students need and want rather than herself. I love Estee as she has been one the the best yoga teachers I’ve ever had and more for just being herself!” -S.D.